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We provide secured contacts sharing between people in easiest way.

Share actual contacts to people

That is exptremely easy to get actual contacts for your home or business - when you need you update it and all other users within share takes it immediately. You have new contact or phone of contact changed - do it and all people you share contact with get it smoothly.

Home usage

Share your common contacts with family and with friends. That is easy now keep it actual and not to forget!

Business usage

Share your clients contacts within sales team - let them use actual contact info. Share contact information for project group - easiest way to simplify communications: every team member will have actual information even of changong the team.

Low battery usage

You will be suprized with low battery usage - that is one of our major focus and is our proud. It takes us a lot fo efforts to support different operation systems but result is just brilliant.

Amazing fast update
of contacts

Your apps will be informed about the update automatically - so all people in the share will get update amazingly fast.

Easy to use interface

Few clicks to install, very easy setup procedure and this (enough complex) tool us ready for usage. You don't think about whole complexity - it is hidden for user with really easy interface. About 80% of users choose "interface simplicity" as major value of our product.

Phone migration in minute

To update the phone without changing phone number - you need just to install app and confirm phone number. Your shared contacts will be restored in minute. Magic!

Single clicks to purchase

We use payments systems build-in to Application Stores: Apple for iPhone, Google Play Store, for Android phnes. In this way you get high secured payments managed by reliable companies and proivded with just few clicks. If you did already purchases before on that store - it will be even faster and easier.

Simple and clear pricing

There are only 2 pricing models: *free* - that suit most of users and *regular* who need advanced features. You can upgrade from *free* to *regular* any moment.

Free and Regular pricing


It is hard sometimes to work in this mode, but we enjoy product and service we do. Also we feel your support and pleasured to see one of highest satisfaction rate value in our industry.

Blazing fast reply

For now we respond in more then 4.5 times faster comparing to our industry. And we works to get it faster every day.

Questions and Answers

Althrough our software is very easy sometimes user have questions. We extend our database of Questions and Answers to let you find advice without waiting our responce.

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SSL technologies
for crypting connection

We use wide range of available products and technologies to provide crypted connection. For specific operation system and devices we choose the best technologies available on market and in non-stop process of improving the usability and stability of the tools.

Reliability. Speed. Trust.

Only releable hosting. Only faster servers. Only trusted locations. Just the best we can find for our users. Because we love what we do.